Welcome to Tennessee Barndominiums PROS!

We are excited to help you design and build your Dream Barndominium!

As we have very limited availability with our design team, please secure your barndominium plans package with a deposit.

Upon receipt of your deposit, we will book an initial design consultation with you over Zoom to discuss your project.

If, after that Zoom meeting, you choose not to hire us for your plans, we will fully refund your deposit.

To proceed, please click the payment link below.

Ready…Let’s Go!

Upon Receipt of Deposit, Please check your email and text messages for:

  • Zoom appointment reminder links to discuss your projects
  • Detailed Design Input Form – to get more details from you
  • A Design Inspiration Upload Link

Payment and Refund Policy

  • By completing and submitting the payment form, you hereby agree to our payment and refund policy.
  • After the Design Consultation, if you decide not to move forward with our services, then we will refund your deposit.
  • If you missed the scheduled zoom appointment and do not reschedule or do not request a refund within 48 hours by either email, text or phone call, then the DCP will not be refunded.

Should you have any questions, feel free to email us at neil@ambarndo.com.



✔️Custom Detailed 2 Dimensional floor plans
✔️Building Elevations Drawings (all four sides)
✔️Cross Sections
✔️Reflective Ceiling Details
✔️Doors & Windows Schedules
✔️Concrete Foundation Design and Plans
✔️Building Lighting Schedule
✔️Door Hardware Schedule
✔️Cabinet Plan Details
✔️Interior and Exterior 3D Models
✔️3D Visualization: Rendered Design Perspectives (for Both Exterior and Interior)
✔️A “Drone-Style” 3D Walk Through Video (Between 45 and 60 Seconds Long